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Shalom Everyone,


As happens every twenty-nine to thirty days, Rosh Chodesh blesses us again with its reminder that another month has passed and we get to begin our walk towards perfection again, again. The consistent cycle of new moons, Sabbaths and moedim offers those of us that observe them a degree of progress and comfort in our ever changing hectic world and gives us all an opportunity to start over in our walk if things haven’t gone as well as we had hoped. YHVH’s familiar cycles of appointments and observances throughout the year, helps to balance our lives with the familiar as we zoom, it seems, full speed ahead into the uncertainties of our tomorrows.


The observance of the new moon’s cycles, in and of themselves are, according to scripture, designed to keep us informed as to the seasons, days and years of YHVH’s calendar. (Gen. 1:14-19) Rosh Chodesh Tevet, the tenth month of the religious year is itself, unique amongst the new moons in YHVH’s yearly cycle since it always arrives on the sixth day of Chanukah. The month of Tevet pushes its way into the midst of the celebration of the Festival of Lights and makes us pause in our nightly celebrations of Chanukah to remember that time continues to move forward no matter what else we are doing or might be focused on.


This year, we at Shiloh have been exploring the biblical timeline concerning the birth of Yeshua. The timeline begins in Luke chapter one which reveals the connection and progression of Miriam’s experience with the Archangel Gabriel in conjunction with her cousin Elizabeth’s husband, Zachariaus’ experience.  Zacharias was told by Gabriel while he was serving in the Temple that His wife Elizabeth would conceive and bear a son. Six months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy Miriam was likewise visited by Gabriel and told that she would also bear a son. By following the service times of the divisions of priests from 1 Chronicles 24 and with an understanding of the moedim and the requirements of the priests to serve on the three main pilgrim festivals, it can be deduced that Zacharias got to go home to Elizabeth right after Shavuot. Shavuot (the Feast of Weeks) is in Sivan/June. Six months later are the months of Kislev/December. Consequently, biblically, we can find that Yeshua would have been conceived in Kislev/December, not born then. But that is not all the Scripture has to say about the birth of Yeshua or Kislev, the nineth month of the year.


In the writing of Haggai, we find this statement: “Do consider from this day onward, from the twenty-fourth day of the nineth month; from the day when the temple of the LORD was founded, consider: ‘Is the seed still in the barn? Even including the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree, it has not borne fruit. Yet from this day on, I will bless you.’” Hag. 2:18,19.


This statement, ‘Is the seed still in the barn?’, is a Jewish Idiom that referrs to a woman’s pregnancy. Haggai was initially speaking to Israel and inferring that the nation had not produced the fruit and result that YHVH had intended for them to produce. YHVH was not happy with them but He told them that He would do something that would from the 24th of Kislev on, bless them. So what happened?


When we begin to think about some things, like who or what is the foundation of the temple that YHVH is speaking of here. We ought to ask ourselves was it only the Temple in Jerusalem, or was it another temple that He was alluding to? Yeshua is spoken of often as being the foundation, the rock if you will, the cornerstone of YHVH’s spiritual house. (see 1Peter 2) The Jerusalem Temple on the other hand has been destroyed twice and is now is non-existent. Yeshua as the foundation ‘stone’of the body of Messiah, comprised of both Jews and Gentiles lives as does His assembly. So what has blessed YHVH’s people ‘from that day on’? Is it not Messiah, right from the very moment of His conception!?


In scripture whenever a date is mentioned, it is important and usually so for multiple reasons. The nineth month of Kislev and the twenty-fourth day is spoken of three separate times in the text of Haggai. It is emphasized as being important, and we are called to take notice of it, for from that date onward YHVH says that He will bless His people.


In following the timeline of Luke concerning the first order of service for the divisions of the priests, we find ourselves in the nineth month of the Jewish year, Kislev. Gabriel announced to Mirian YHVH’s plan for her to bear a son. Haggai, the prophet of Israel, goes out of his way to point out the importance of the 24th day of this month pointing out that we should pay careful attention to this date, for from this date the foundation will be laid and from this date YHVH will bless His people. Plus he uses language that speaks clearly of a pregnancy. So what should we conclude? Well we all have to decide, we know that there are other viewpoints but none of them incorporate what Haggai is saying here about Kislev 24. Plus we have not even spoken of the references that tie Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles together. See John 1:14 for example.


Now if that were all we had to say, you could still not be convinced about Yeshua’s conception taking place in Kislev on the twenty-fourth, but there is more. It is a known fact that YHVH has told us that there are signs in the heavens that we are to observe. That is why we observe Rosh Chodesh, is it not? The sun, the moon and the stars are all part of YHVH’s revelation to us. The cosmos is YHVH’s chalkboard if you will, and He has written on it with indellible ink, and man cannot change it nor erase it.


This year and this year only, and for at least another almost 6000 years, yes, six thousand years, there is a phenomenon being played out right over our heads. In Revelation 12 we read that there will be: ‘A great sign in the heavens, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: and she was with child: and she cried out being in labor and in pain to give birth.’


The woman spoken of here is the constellation Virgo, notice the name in relationship to Miriam, the virgin mother of Yeshua. Currently there are some very unique happenings taking place in and around Virgo. All of the described sun, moon and stars are in place and Jupiter, the planet known as the King has already moved into Virgo’s womb. Now Jupiter often moves through Virgo but does so quickly. This year is very different. Jupiter has moved into Virgo this year and will remain in the constellation until Tishrei/September 23 approximently. That phenomenon has not happened since the the time of Adam and Eve and that is not all, there is more.


It is recorded in Genesis 3:15 that YHVH was going to ‘put emnity between the woman and the serpent, and between the serpent’s seed and the woman’s seed;’ He then told the serpent, ‘The woman’s seed shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise Him on the heel.’  A very interesting statement. There have been all manner of explanations offered as to just what this means. And as with all things that  YHVH has given us, there are always multilayers of  understanding involved that are left to us to uncover. As it is written in Proverbs 25, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” and so we keep trying.


In the late sixties a comet was identified and given the number 67, it is known as the ‘Shoemaker- Levi Comet’ and is named after those who discovered it. The comet had an unusual orbit through our solar system that involved Jupiter, the King planet. The comet flew close enough to Jupiter that it’s orbit was interrupted and the comet started to break apart. Jupiter is a hugh planet and it’s gravitational pull is tremendous. The next fly-by that the comet made with Jupiter in 1994 resulted in one of the most spectacular observed astronomical events that modern man has seen. Debris from Shoemaker struck Jupiter, the King planet, in it’s southern hemisphere, on the heel if you will. The strikes were of such force that they were visible from earth for months. The explosive range of the damage from just one piece of debris was larger that the planet that we occupy.


The celestral chalkboard that existed when YHVH explained Genesis 3 to Adam and Eve was according to our modern day astronomers identical to the heavenly order that we can see now, except for the striking of the heel. In September, take a quess as to where the comet Shoemaker will be in the sky? It will be at the heel of Virgo as Jupiter, the King planet exits the womb of the constellation. Coincidence? I don’t think so. And if that is not enough there is even more. You remember the four blood moons that we began observing in 2014 and 2015, the blood moons took place on Passover and Sukkot of each year forming a blood moon tetrad. From the first blood moon in 2014 to the time in September when Jupiter is expected to emerge from Virgo, guess how many days that time frame is!?


Do you know how many days the woman fled into the wilderness to escape the wrath of the dragon in Revelation 12? If you do, you will have the right number, it is one thousand two hundred and sixty days. The exact time between the first blood moon in 2014 on Pesach, April 15 to the time of the exit of the King planet Jupiter from the womb of the constellation Virgo this coming September.  


And just so we don’t overlook the month of Tevet. It is interesting that Tevet always starts on the sixth day of Chanukkah. I believe we can see a connection between the seed of the woman, the number six, Yeshua and this interruption of our observance of this Feast of Dedication. One thing we have shared in regards to the movement of the seed within a woman at the onset of pregnancy. The fertilzed egg can take from 2 to 6 days to move from the fallopian tubes down into the uterus where pregnancy takes hold. This sixth day interruption of Channukah, I wonder if it isn’t YHVH pointing out this particular time to identify Yeshua in a very important symbolic way. One of the most frequent titles that Yeshua identified Himself with was ‘Son of Man’. The number six is used throughout the biblical text in relationship to man and it is recognized as the number of Man. Every year that we are interrupted on this sixth day of Chanukkah, perhaps YHVH is reminding us that, yes, Yeshua was a man, a man just like us who was tempted in all ways like us, yet without sin. (Hebrews 4:15).  As Yeshua was like us, we are now to be like Him.


YHVH loves numbers and He loves symbols, and apparently He loves to watch us try to figure out all the things that He has hidden right before our eyes. Hag Samech Channukah everybody. Live your life to its fullest and look up, your redemption drawest nigh.


Shalom Pastor Paul

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