Ma’aser V'terumah (Tithes and Offerings)

Scriptures like D’varim (Deut.) 8:18 , Tehillim (Psalms) 35:27, Mishlei (Proverbs) 22:4, and Phillippians 4:19 along with many others, teach us very clearly, that the Lord wants His people to prosper and that He wants to bless them!

If this is true and God really wants to bless you, then what’s holding that blessing back?  Obviously, there are many things that can hold back God’s blessings and “close the heavens”, D’varim (Deut.) 28:15,23, but in this article I want to focus on giving, or the lack thereof.

Very often believers don’t understand the importance of giving.  It’s interesting to note that the Bible speaks about the word hope approx 180 times, faith approx 240 times, believe approx 270 times, pray approx 370 times, love approx 700 times, and about giving over 2,000 times!  From this we can see that the subject of giving is very important in God’s word.

The Bible tells us in Lev 27:30-33 that the tithe is holy and belongs to the Lord.  Mal 3:6-12 goes even further as it tells us to bring the entire tithe and offerings into the storehouse or we will find ourselves guilty of stealing from God!  The mishandling of the tithe/offerings was at the root of both physical and spiritual death (Gen 2:15-17 & 3:6-8), the first murder (Gen 4:3-8), and the first defeat of God’s people (Josh 6:17 & 7:1,5).  When we bring the tithe/offerings the Bible tells us that we will have plenty (Prov 3:9,10), the heavens will be open and a blessing poured out upon us (Mal 3:10), the enemy will be bound and rebuked and we will experience the protection of the Lord (Mal 3:11)!

From this short teaching we can easily see that the giving of tithes/offerings bring many benefits to our lives.  If you would like a much deeper teaching on this subject (3parts), order the series entitled Ma’aser V’Terumah.

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