Davidic Dance Team

‘Davidic’ worship and praise is one of the distinguishing traits of the Messianic Movement. By the term Davidic we are of course referring to the Hebraic form of music and the expressive dance that scripture attributes to both Miriam, the sister of Moshe and of course to David, the Psalmist. (Psalm 149:3) Davidic dancing is a physical expression of worship through the vehicle of corporate dance. Davidic dance is unique in that by its design God’s people dance in a united circle, expressing at once their oneness in Adonai and Adonai’s encompassing love of His people.

The scripture declares how good and how pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1) Davidic dance facilitates an expression of that oneness and unity. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join the circle as we dance before the LORD in both reverence and great joy. Selah.

Dance Practice
Every Wednesday evening at 7pm at Olga Fry’s home in Redlands. Please call the office for more details (909) 338-4846