A Word From Our Pastors

A Word From Pastor Bruce Dowell

Shalom, and welcome to Shiloh Messianic Congregation’s web page!  We’re glad you’re here!  It is our hope that you will visit often and that you will enjoy what you discover. Our goal is to encourage, teach, and train, in the Jewishness of the Christian faith. The Lord is doing an exciting thing in this day as He leads His people in the ways of the “ancient paths”. (Jer. 6:16)  We would like to help you to better understand these “ancient paths” and our Hebrew roots.  We will endeavor to keep these pages current and invite you to visit often.  Please feel free to contact us!


Pastor Bruce

A Word From Pastor Kathleen Dowell

Baruch Haba (welcome)!  We are excited to have you visit our website.  We hope you will enjoy it and visit often!  We are so excited about what the Lord is doing here at Shiloh Messianic Congregation.

Please contact us with any thoughts, questions, or comments that you might have and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The Lord Bless You,

Pastor Kathleen

A Word From
Pastors Paul Oliver &  Sheila Oliver

Sheila and I count it as our privilege to have been in active ministry within the body of Messiah for over 30 years with over 20 of those years serving in the Messianic Jewish community. Our journey of understanding began simply enough, after graduation from Bible College and ordination in southern California we became part of a large Pentecostal organization and served within that organization in our early ministry years. In 1989 we were invited to attend a concert featuring ‘Israel’s Hope’ a Messianic Jewish worship group. Sheila ever the worshipper, singer and musician had taken an interest in ‘Jewish’ music and so we attended. Little did we know the significance of that night.

At that concert we met a local Messianic Congregational Leader, who, over the course of the next three years challenged us to consider what the message of the scriptures actually said as opposed to what we had been taught that it said. Taking that challenge, one evening I was reading through Leviticus. In chapter 23, the text reads as follows: ‘The Lord spoke again to Moses, saying, "Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, 'The Lord's appointed times which you shall proclaim as holy convocations—My appointed times are these:” The ‘My appointed times’ really jumped out at me. For the first time I saw that the appointed times in the rest of chapter 23 were the Lord’s appointed times, they weren’t just Israel’s, they were the Lords. From that awakening 20 plus years ago our life’s journey has afforded us the privilege of co-founding one Messianic Congregation in Riverside, Ca. in 1992 and has now brought us to Shiloh. It is our joy at Shiloh to continue to proclaim YHVH’s holy convocations and to encourage everyone to participate in keeping them.

Paul and Sheila have been married for over 40 years and have three married adult children and four extraordinary grandchildren.

A Word From
Pastor Vince Armijo and Margaret Armijo

Pastor Vincent and Margaret Armijo

Vincent Armijo has been a mountain resident for 22 years and joined Shiloh Messianic Congregation in the summer of 1993. Shortly after joining, he took it upon himself to greet those who came to any Shiloh service.

Because Vincent has always had a heart for children, he was also part of the teaching staff, where he taught the elementary school-age children for 12 years.

Displaying qualities of discipline, hospitality, wisdom, trustworthiness, and his ability as an overseer, he proved to the pastors at Shiloh that he was qualified to hold the office of an elder. Although Vincent is one of the elders, he continues to assist his wife, Margaret, with Shammashim (deacon) duties. Before attending Shiloh, Vincent did missionary work in Tijuana, Mexico, for two years, and was part of the teaching staff at another local congregation.

Away from Shiloh, Vincent works full-time in Riverside, California. Both he and his wife, Margaret, were born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. They were high school sweethearts and married in 1973. They reside in Lake Arrowhead, California; have five adult children and 16 grandchildren.